Electric-Control Company was established in 2008. Since the beginning, the Company has offered a wide range of services related to the execution of technical projects and elaborations in the field of electrical and teletechnical installations, controlling and automatics. We create complete elaborations from the stage of an initial concept to the executive projects along with cost valuations and any documents concerning public orders procedures. At the request of the ordering parties we have an opportunity to execute a complete investment process from the stage of obtaining all the necessary construction permits, through the elaboration of the complete technical documentation to the implementation, supervision and management of the construction in the scope of the branch of electrical installations.

Our design team consists of the persons who have considerble experience of many years of work in the field and hold all the necessary administrative licences in the scope of designing, supervision and management in the electrical installations branch. We do our best so that the technical documentations elaborated by our Company meet the highest substantive, technical and editorial standards. Until now we have been authors of more than 600 designs elaborations for various types of objects and majority if them have been successfully implemented.



SN/nN designs

We offer the elaboration of design documentation in the scope of overhead and cable networks - SN-15kV and nN-400/230V- transformer stations of 15/0,4 kV- street lighting installations - overhead fiber optic installations - internal installations of 400/230V - industrial and AKP installations

Low current designs

We offer the execution of project documentation in the scope of LAN installations and telephone installations - SAP installations and smoke vent - CCTV installations - IDS alarms - KD installations - audio-video installations

BIM designs

We offer the execution of project documentation in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology with the application of DDS-CAD software (standard IFC), as well as multibranch coordination (BimVision, Tekla BimSight) and cloud project management software.

Cost valuation and supervision

We offer: cost valuation, initial measurements of works, specifications - profitability analyses and performance studies - services of investor supervision and substitution supervision - services concerning the conytrol of electrical works in the electrical branch (construction licences and electrical licences SEP without limitation)

GIS systems

We offer the execution of complete stock making of street lighting installations along with the elaboration of the application for infrastructure management on the WEB platform and full GIS information.

Energy efficiency audits

We perform energy efficiency audits of street lighting along with economic and modernization analysis in the scope of the EU grant programmes.


We offer the designing of Bulding Management Systems (BMS) on the basis of the Delta Controls solutions, as well as services in the scope of integration, starting, pre-fabrication of automatics and installations visualisation cabinets.


We offer designing the systems of the so-called “intelligent buildings in the KNX standard, as well as advisory services in the scope of software, starting up and supply of BES Ingenum devices.


We offer the execution of multibranch project documentations of overhead and building photovoltaic systems installations along with the analyses of profitability, evaluation of energy profits, and obtaining all the necessary adminsitratuve decisions.


We offer the optimization of the adopted technical solutions in the scope of the implementation costs, complexity of the construction process and the future operation.

Expertise opinions

We perform stock taking with reference to the existing electrical installations along with the assessment of their compliance with the binding legal regulations and operation safety.


We offer the elaboration of the analyses of close-ups possibilities and constructing buildings in the vicinity of WN/SN/NN electricity networks.


Electric-Control is the authorized partner of DELTA CONTROLS Company, leading producer of building automatics systems (BMS).

The authorization inclused sales, installation, and servicing the DELTA CONTROLS system devices. Electric-Control is the authorized partner of DELTA CONTROLS Company, a leading producer of building automatics systems (BMS).

The product offer range of DELTA CONTROLS exhausts the subject of the complex integration of low current systems.

From automatics and air-conditioning-ventillation-heating (HVAC), media monitoring to the access control system , lighting and digital supervision television system (IP CCTV).

Systems with the DELTA CONTROLS logo are fully compliant with the BACnet standard (PN 16484-5).

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